Leadership Communications

Leadership communications

We run advanced communication programmes for government leaders, increasing their impact as international speakers and media spokespeople.

Our exclusive system is delivered within a rigorous coaching framework and supported by industry-leading technology.

Heads of state, ministers, CEOs, governors, and prominent VIPs face significant pressure and scrutiny. Calm, effective communication is mission-critical. Consulum helps them succeed by drawing on years of coaching and advising at the top of government and business.

Our innovative framework combines science with human insight, to provide an unrivalled system for leadership development. This is a continuous coaching approach, which helps leaders make consistent and measurable progress with their skills, confidence and influence.

Speechwriting and messaging

Specialist speech and message writing to deliver compelling content for an international audience.

Global event participation

Consulum will work with you to plan and deliver your event engagements, from keynote speech preparations to side meetings with target stakeholders, and media interviews.

Media and presentational training

Our bespoke programmes enable leaders to deliver messages to domestic and global audiences, whatever the platform. Our experienced coaches have supported world leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Strategy and positioning

We will work with you to identify objectives, goals and underlying values that will define your leadership style and strategy.

Thought leadership design and execution

We will work with you to identify topics aligned to your positioning strategy, and to produce high-quality authored content.

Stakeholder and media network building

Consulum will build a comprehensive engagement plan identifying target relationships, managing media connections and creating engagement opportunities.

Diplomatic counsel

24/7 expert advice in real time to help our clients respond to international developments.