Strategy and impact

Developing strategic initiatives that drive impactful outcomes for governments

Governments often approach strategy, policy, and communications independently instead of using “brand thinking” to drive coordinated action or achieve the impact they desire. Meanwhile, in the private sector, companies that have built strong brands and use their brand ‘promise’ to set the direction for their businesses are consistently able to gain customer trust, loyalty, advocacy, market share, and even to shape culture and society.

Consulum believes that integrating government strategy, policy, and communications – guided by a powerful ‘brand promise’ – will enable them to achieve significantly more than when these disciplines are approached in silo.

Our strategy and impact practice combine expertise in public sector policy with strategy and world-class marketing, drawing from years of experience building brands and executing global campaigns for consumer giants such as Coca-Cola and Nike.

This hybrid approach provides strategic programmes that drive positive impact for the beneficiaries (such as citizens) and global reputational impact for the government entity.

Natasha Ighodaro


Head of Strategy