The opportunity

This isn’t a typical business, you won’t be doing a typical role and this won’t be a typical journey.
Consulum works at the cutting edge of government advisory services. We use innovative thinking and research to help governments shape and deliver their agendas.

The team you will work beside are carefully selected from several specialised fields, including strategists, policy professionals, media and communications experts, data analysts, creatives and sector specialists.

Consulum provides an opportunity to develop, contribute and learn within multiple sectors and disciplines as well as bring meaning outcomes to cities, regions and nations.

Why Consulum could be the place for you

  • Work with governments
    We work exclusively with government organisations. That’s what makes us different. Here, you’ll use and expand your knowledge of governing entities and help them make a positive impact along the way.

  • Expand your knowledge of geopolitics
    Our work involves understanding and navigating global audiences and international relations. There aren’t many organisations who operate almost exclusively in this space. You’ll get to be part of a team that helps clients achieve their global objectives.
  • Build more than a business
    For our senior staff, Consulum is a platform to build – creating new services for clients, developing networks in new countries, and developing a new generation of talent to take the business and, often, a country forward.

  • Develop professionally
    Professional development is a cornerstone at Consulum. If you grow, we grow. Our professional development programme is integrated into our day-to-day work, and your line manager’s primary job is to help you reach the next stage of your career.
  • Adventure
    You’ll have stories. Thing is, Consulum is an adventure, especially for those who move countries to join us. You’ll immerse yourself in new and different cultures, learn the politics and economics of rapidly developing parts of the world, and work with people from various backgrounds.

The culture

Our values drive Consulum’s culture. Our values are far more than just a guide for how we work with partners. They inspire our approach to the professional environment.

We look to foster an environment where people deliver excellent work and do it alongside others who support, grow and enjoy each other.

We’re in a privileged position to work with leaders and organisations that shape and change the world and knowing that the work you’re doing is helping to drive positive change is extremely rewarding.”

Natasha Ighodaro, Partner

There are few early-career opportunities that match up to Consulum. I feel lucky to work with some of the best people, all at a company that takes its values and personal development seriously.”

Harry Nicholls, Senior Consultant

If you are looking for a place that offers you the opportunity to collaborate, grow, develop and lead with supportive, like-minded colleagues from all around the world, then Consulum should be your next move.”

Dalia Aljurf, Director

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