The opportunity

Consulum works at the cutting edge of government advisory services. We use original thinking and innovative research to help governments shape and deliver their agendas.

Our staff are carefully selected from the highest levels of governments across the world, comprising strategists, media experts, policy professionals, researchers, data analysts and more. Consulum provides an opportunity to develop, contribute and learn within multiple sectors and disciplines.

The culture

Consulum’s culture is driven by our values. Our values are far more than just a guide for how we work with partners. They inspire our approach to the professional environment.

Intellectual curiosity and openness to new perspectives, and a commitment to sharing skills and knowledge with colleagues underpins progression at Consulum.

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We are always keen to hear from talented people who are interested in our work, our philosophy, and share our passion for helping governments to drive positive change.


Intellectual curiosity and openness to new perspectives; teams that support each other, acknowledge the contribution of all and shun office politics; keenness to learn new skills and share knowledge; excitement about working colleagues from around the world on difficult challenges with a global dimension; and an abiding entrepreneurial spirit where dynamism is rewarded.

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