The aviation sector sits at the heart of any country, region or city’s competitiveness agenda for the simple reason that it connects people, their ideas, their know-how and their capital with the world.

While air transport is a public service, aviation is a tool for competitiveness, a necessity for trade and investment, and a critical factor for integration within the global economy. Aviation provides the safest, fastest, and most reliable transportation service for people and high-value cargo. For governments, it has become an essential tool – central to achieving long-term outcomes for economic development, job creation and value creation.

Consulum works with governments at the highest level, ministries of transport and infrastructure, civil aviation authorities, ministries of tourism, tourism boards and other institutions that drive the aviation and air connectivity agendas.

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Centre of government

A focused and intentional strategy delivers a streamlined programme that drives positive change and enhances a government’s standing on the world stage.

Consulum helps global leaders and central government institutions craft strategies with integrated strategic insight, communications and policy that helps achieve impactful cross-government objectives and the programmes to deliver them.

We have developed powerful strategic communications functions, cross-government campaigns and integrated agendas to manage a country’s reputation, achieve diplomatic outcomes, create and embed change programmes and build future capacity for our clients.

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Communication ministries

Coordinating and empowering multiple ministries and agencies with different priorities while maintaining a central voice is challenging but essential.

Consulum’s approach is supported by detailed qualitative and quantitative research, ensuring communications always impact the right audience.

Having worked closely with multiple government communications agencies globally for decades, we have advised on every aspect of the communications process, from strategy to capability building to implementation.

Culture ministries and entities

Consulum advises culture ministries on campaigns to develop sustainable and authentic cultural sectors that build bridges of understanding with the international community. Through a mix of strategy, policy and communications guidance, trusted relationships with national and global cultural opinion-formers and decision-takers have been formed.

Our team has decades of experience working with governments and institutions, and leaders and practitioners at the highest levels of the global cultural space, from fashion and music to heritage and architecture.

Defence ministries and entities

Leveraging decades of experience working across the national security establishment worldwide, Consulum’s senior team of defence sector specialists can provide the critical support required for leaders to advance their national defence priorities.

These priorities may include implementing an effective defence ministry transformation programme, crafting an innovative, armed forces-wide change communications programme, launching a new state-supported defence industry conglomerate or managing the merger or acquisition of state-owned defence enterprises under a new national defence company.

Finance ministries

Consulum works with ministries of finance and economy to help establish fiscal stability and stimulate economic growth.

Our experts provide support across a range of areas, including setting strategic direction regarding spending and revenue approaches, macro and microeconomic analysis, creative fiscal policy initiatives, fiscal event management and cross-government coordination efforts.

Our team possesses decades of experience working with the world’s most developed finance ministries.

Foreign ministries and embassies

Consulum helps governments develop and implement diplomatic strategies for security, prosperity, and national positioning.

We work with heads of government and their teams, foreign ministers, foreign ministries and diplomatic missions. Our staff bring expertise from the highest levels of government, international organisations and the media to deliver real-world outcomes for our clients.

Heads of state

Consulum works with heads of state to generate creative and impactful communications strategies that deliver real world results.

We have worked with presidents and prime ministers to help shape how they communicate the objectives and ambitions of their governments, as well as ensuring that their communication, across broadcast, print and digital media, aligns with their personal objectives.

Consulum also provides diplomatic and broader policy advice to ensure that heads of state are able to drive real change in their countries, making the most of our extensive experience.

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Investment promotion ministries and agencies

As international investment specialists, we understand the growing competitive global investment landscape and the value that strategic and integrated Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) can deliver.

Consulum has designed operational models and implementation strategies for IPAs, built their communication functions, developed communication strategies and helped our clients implement comprehensive and targeted programmes across multiple markets.

All our work is designed to maximise impact and significantly enhance the flow of foreign direct investment.


Drawing on decades of experience working for senior government leaders, Consulum crafts personal positioning strategies and programmes for ministers, often with extensive and diverse portfolios, coupled with technical advice on a broad range of areas from finance to culture to foreign policy.

Our proven approach considers ministerial needs, how they overlap with domestic, regional, and global agendas, and the real challenges involved in running a ministry in extraordinary times.

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Sovereign wealth funds

Consulum are international investment specialists and work with sovereign wealth funds and investors worldwide.

We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that sovereign wealth funds face, enabling us to build our clients’ communications functions and develop and deliver their policy and strategies.

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Strategic state-owned companies

Consulum works alongside government entities to set up state-owned companies and ensure that they are effective. We understand these companies’ complex internal and external challenges, including the pressures to deliver immediate results.

Whether building communications functions for newly-formed companies or developing policy and strengthening governance in well-established entities, our expertise and experience within the sector enable support for state-owned companies across any stage of their development.

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Tech and digital transformation ministries

Technology offers both threats and opportunities to governments. Existing and emerging technology can be harnessed to drive impactful outcomes through game-changing initiatives relating to all aspects of public life, including education, healthcare, employment and the environment.

Consulum assists governments in leveraging digital technology to improve people’s lives and elevate themselves domestically and on the global stage. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise help governments and public sector entities navigate the complexities and communicate a compelling vision of digital transformation.

Tourism ministries and tourism boards

Harnessing global best practices, Consulum works with tourism ministries, boards and leaders to help destinations attract visitors, investment, human talent and industry partnerships. In addition, we support tourism entities as they build solid brands and train their personnel to be effective destination promoters.

Coupled with this, we help break the silos that interfere with information flow and best-practice sharing with other government entities and the private sector. This enables our tourism clients to deliver best-in-class strategy, communications, marketing, and engagement, allowing them to succeed in an ever-more competitive world.

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Trade ministries and agencies

Consulum offers end-to-end support for trade ministries and agencies. We focus on enhancing their operational environment, strengthening policy, building institutional capacity and developing a concise international narrative for their products and services.

Our team has hands-on experience building market access into new geographies and can help craft new strategies to grow your export potential.