Our latest thinking

Mastering the economic narrative:

Principles of successful communication for finance ministers

By Kane Silom and James Davies

Our latest thinking

Sustainable Development Goals:

An untapped opportunity for economic communications?

By Duncan Mayall

Our latest thinking

Mission critical

A new approach to designing government communications for success

By David Bishop, Ahmed Iqbal and Calum Bardsley

Our latest thinking

The nations preparing for the immersive digital future

An analysis of metaverse preparedness amongst world governments

By Isabella Williamson

Our latest thinking

The Government Promise System:

A better way to deliver impact

By Ryan Coetzee, James Davies and Natasha Ighodaro

Our latest thinking

Emerging markets:

Weathering the geopolitical fragmentation storm

By Duncan Mayall

Our latest thinking

Tapping the power of creativity in government

Unleashing innovative thinking for transformative change

By James Davies, Zach Meyer, Julián Hernández, J. Rae Cho and Nick Clelland

Our latest thinking

All ministers are diplomats now:

Bringing the whole of government to international relations for prosperity, security and national positioning

By Jolyon Welsh

Our latest thinking

What determines governance at sovereign wealth funds?

Two things well-governed SWFs have in common

By Duncan Mayall

Our latest thinking

Punching above their weight:

How cities and regions can unlock bold new investment

By Piers Thompson and Tim Harris

Our latest thinking

From crisis to resilience:

What to expect for supply chains in 2023

By Duncan Mayall

Our latest thinking

Piloting a new route to prosperity:

How government leaders can drive economic take-off through air-route development

By Jean-Marc Bourreau and Tim Harris

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