“Consulum helps government leaders and organisations integrate strategy, policy and communications to drive economic and social development, and enhance their standing on the world stage.

With decades of experience working at the highest levels of governments, Consulum’s 130+ hand-picked government experts deliver impact across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

With a total commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work, we always go the extra mile to help our clients achieve their goals.”

What we do

A strategic advisory firm working with government organisations and their leaders

With decades of working at the highest levels of government, Consulum’s 130+ specialists have the experience and expertise to help governments make a powerful and positive impact.

Our Philosophy

The integration of strategy, policy and communications – in both the design and execution of programmes – sits at the heart of our philosophy, because silos dilute impact while integration maximises it.”

Why Consulum

Exclusively focused on governments


We work exclusively with governments and their leaders and with organisations that have the mandate to drive national, regional and local development.

Integration of strategy, communications and policy

From design to execution, integration sits at the heart of our philosophy because silos dilute while integration maximises impact.

Delivered by world-leading government experts

Our staff have worked at the highest levels of government and bring their expertise and experience to the challenges our clients face.

Committed to excellence and going the extra mile

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our work and the commitment we show our clients.

Our values

Consulum’s values create an environment in which our teams can deliver excellence, support each other and develop their skills


We seek to deliver a quality of work that cannot be found anywhere else.

We win every meeting, always impressing our clients with our effort, insight, ideas and advice.

We innovate constantly, always seeking new and better ways to enhance the work we do.


We listen actively and put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, enabling us to understand them and their needs fully.

We go the extra mile for our clients, ensuring they have our support when they need it most.

We empower our clients, helping them get better and do better.


We collaborate, drawing on all the expertise and experience Consulum has to offer in service of our clients.

We gladly share: our ideas, our time, our expertise, our support.

We treat one another well: with respect, consideration and appreciation.


We actively seek to develop our skills and capabilities through reading, listening, watching and practicing.

We help each other master new skills, develop expertise and achieve progress.

We take enthusiastic advantage of every opportunity Consulum provides for professional development.


We offer our clients honest advice in a sincere effort to advance their best interests.

We contribute with confidence, clarity and openness to internal discussions.

We have hard conversations when we need to, always respecting the dignity of our colleagues.


We turn up on time, fully prepared and ready to deliver.

We never violate the confidences of our clients.

We act with integrity, always.

Join Consulum

We are always keen to hear from talented people who are interested in our work and our philosophy, and share our passion for helping governments drive positive change.