Consulum is a government advisory firm dedicated to helping governments develop, lead and deliver positive programmes that successfully promote their global interests. Our clients are government organisations and their leaders, including centre-of-government entities, ministries, authorities, agencies and state-owned enterprises.


A unique opportunity to join a leading government advisory consultancy. The Government Relations & Procurement Officer will play a pivotal role within the Procurement team, contributing to multiple projects at various stages of the procurement process. This role involves engaging with government procurement portals, identifying potential projects for bidding, collaborating with various teams to prepare and submit proposals, managing tender documentation, and ensuring compliance with procurement processes.

Additionally, you will be instrumental in managing all legal matters related to visas, permits, licenses, and employee registrations. This role involves liaising with Saudi Arabian government departments and agencies to facilitate processes such as visa processing, passport renewal, residency permit applications, company registration and document attestation. You will provide crucial support in obtaining licenses and permits, navigating regulations, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Delivering Results: Supporting all aspects of government relations and procurement processes, ensuring efficiency and compliance.
  • Building a relationship of influence with the client: Establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with client procurement teams, suppliers, and service providers to influence decision-making and foster collaboration
  • Portal Management (global): Proactively managing portals within KSA and internationally. Managing supplier registrations, identifying suitable tender opportunities, and submitting tenders.
  • Achieving commercial outcomes: Contributing to the company’s success by achieving desired commercial outcomes in government relations and procurement activities by effectively managing proposals, tenders, and contracts in government relations and procurement activities.
  • Supporting business growth: Contributing to business development initiatives by identifying and communicating potential tender opportunities across government procurement portals, thereby expanding Consulum’s market presence and offerings.


Essential skills

  • Intelligence: Ability to analyse information logically and deliver comprehensive analyses effectively.
  • Arabic Proficiency: Excellent written and spoken business Arabic communication skills.
  • English Proficiency: Excellent written and spoken business English communication skills.
  • Project management: Ability to effectively structure and manage the delivery of projects and programs especially in the tender submission process.
  • Software: Proficient in using PowerPoint and Excel.

Essential attributes

  • Leadership: Demonstrates the ability to cultivate influential relationships with both clients and staff.
  • Effective Communicator: Proficient in conveying ideas and information clearly and efficiently.
  • Can-do Attitude: Resourceful, proactive, positive and solution-oriented.
  • Attention to detail: Meticulous attention to detail and thorough in tasks and responsibilities
  • Resilience and stamina: Ability to handle challenging clients and a high workload effectively.
  • Development-orientation: Curiosity and commitment to personal and professional growth.
  • Caring for others: Demonstrate concern for the well-being, development and progression of more junior staff members.

 Preferred Experience

  • Experience using the Etimad portal for tender identification and submission
  • Experience using government portals in the Middle East for tender identification and submission
  • Experience working in a procurement role.
  • Experience working in a licensing and regulatory compliance role.


Why work for Consulum
  • Work for a purpose-driven organisation seeking to improve the positive performance and impact of governments
  • Be part of and contribute to some of the most interesting and challenging government reform programmes in the world
  • Be part of a high-performance culture defined by the pursuit of excellence, collaboration, collegiality, and a focus on professional development
  • Contribute to the development of the business.
  • Progress with a clear and achievable path to promotion
  • Tax-free living

Consulum’s core values

In order to be successful within Consulum, candidates and employees must suit the Consulum culture. As such, they must demonstrate the following core values:

Be the best, always
  • We seek to deliver a quality of work that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • We win every meeting, always impressing our clients with our effort, insight, ideas, and advice.
  • We innovate constantly, always seeking new and better ways to enhance the work we do.
Delight our clients
  • We listen actively and put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, enabling us to understand them and their needs fully.
  • We go the extra mile for our clients, ensuring they have our support when they need it most.
  • We empower our clients, helping them get better and do better.
Take a ‘One Consulum’ approach
  • We collaborate, drawing on all the expertise and experience Consulum has to offer in service of our clients.
  • We gladly share: our ideas, our time, our expertise, our support.
  • We treat one another well: with respect, consideration, and appreciation.
Empower yourself and each other
  • We actively seek to develop our skills and capabilities through reading, listening, watching, and practicing.
  • We help each other master new skills, develop expertise, and achieve progress.
  • We take enthusiastic advantage of every opportunity Consulum provides for professional development.
Say it like it is
  • We offer our clients honest advice in a sincere effort to advance their best interests.
  • We contribute with confidence, clarity, and openness to internal discussions.
  • We have hard conversations when we need to, always respecting the dignity of our colleagues.
Be a pro
  • We turn up on time, fully prepared and ready to deliver.
  • We never violate the confidences of our clients.
  • We act with integrity, always.


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