Shada Qamhawi

“It is one thing to create designs, it is another to create designs with purpose; designs that have been crafted from captivating brand stories and have been developed to deliver on the objectives of holistic creative communication strategies. At Consulum we work with both public and private sector brands and help them shape visual narratives that inform, engage, empower and disrupt.”

Shada is a Design Director within Consulum’s Strategy and Impact team.

Being an integrated design specialist, Shada provides counsel on branding, visual communications, creative problem-solving, campaign development and content creation. Drawing on her Middle Eastern origins and experience, Shada possesses a diverse skill set that allows her to effectively develop designs that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement.

Prior to joining Consulum, Shada worked at several London and middle eastern based agencies, where her expertise in strategic thinking, project management, and effective communication enabled her to deliver compelling work for a wide range of global clients such as Pfizer, UNDP, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Pepsi, and Astana International Financial Centre.

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