Ryan Coetzee

Chief Executive

"I am ceaselessly optimistic about the power of government to improve lives, and about what can be achieved when a leader has everything he or she needs to succeed. It can be easy to forget the men and women who make the decisions that shape societies are human beings, and that like everyone else they require advice and support to perform at their best.

Consulum is the world's only specialist government advisory agency. I am proud of the work our experts do in many of the most rapidly developing nations to support leaders who ultimately bear responsibility for realising collective potential, and achieving progress. Through our work, we are making a real difference - for leaders, for governments and, most importantly, for the millions of people they serve."

For more than two decades Ryan Coetzee has supported government leaders to deliver effectively on behalf of the people they serve through formulation of world-class strategy and policy, and data-led communications campaigns.

Ryan has deep, first-hand experience of the personal and professional pressures all leaders experience in the course of their work, as well as knowledge of how best to mitigate these pressures in order to succeed.

He was Director of Strategy to the UK Deputy Prime Minister, Head of Strategy and Policy for the government of the Western Cape, a Member of Parliament in South Africa and Director of Strategy for the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.