Piers Thompson 

Senior Director

Competitiveness Specialist

About Piers

Piers is a Senior Director in Consulum’s Competitiveness practice and provides advice on FDI, capacity building, economic development strategy and policy.

Piers has been a Director of FDI in the UK and Italy at a national and regional level, where he worked to restructure organisations to create delivery focussed organisational architecture, develop funding cases and budget allocations, lead significant stakeholder and investor relationships and land major transformative FDI projects aligned with broader economic development strategies.

Piers previously worked at KPMG and PA Consulting and advised multiple international governments and regulatory agencies on economic development, infrastructure investment and investor relations. He has been Head of Government Relations in the UK for Huawei Technologies, dealing with a range of complex and sensitive issues associated with inward investment and technology.

Piers has previously advised governments, institutional investors and Fortune 500 corporates on FDI, Economic Development and Infrastructure in the UK, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, India, Italy, Germany and other jurisdictions around the world.