Mayank Mittal

Senior Director

"I'm privileged to work closely with government leaders, leveraging my experience to navigate the complexities of digital infrastructure to craft solutions that make a tangible impact on policy and strategy, helping to shape a brighter future for communities around the world."

Mayank is a Senior Director at Consulum. He spearheads the development of cutting-edge digital infrastructure solutions, leading project teams to seamlessly implement technology-driven solutions that elevate clients’ digital capabilities and empower the delivery of their agendas.

He has over 15 years of experience in product development and innovation and the implementation of agile practices. Prior to joining Consulum, Mayank held influential roles at global organizations including BCG, Toyota, Kraft Heinz, GE, and Emirates Group, where he led transformative initiatives in product development, innovation, and strategy. He is also the founder of 2 tech startups.

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