James Milne

James Milne, Consulum
“Effective investment promotion can reshape a country, region, or city's growth path, but it is complex and demands firm grasp of policy formulation, investor targeting and strategic communications. Consulum's Competitiveness team has been purpose-built to provide all the world-class expertise necessary for government clients to achieve significant competitive advantage in securing investment."

James is a Senior Director within Consulum’s Competitiveness team.

He advises government leaders in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa on economic development, specialising in investment promotion.

He is an expert in enhancing the investment promotion capabilities of government agencies, overseeing sector-level economic research and analysis, and undertaking strategic policy development aimed at improving the investment environment.

James was the former Head of Investment Promotion at Wesgro (Cape Town and Western Cape region), where he led a team of expert investment portfolio managers in support of the development of an investment pipeline of more than $1 billion.

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