James Davies

Managing Partner

"I am deeply proud of the work our team does to drive positive long-term change in a way that makes the process of strategy, policy formulation and communication less about managing competing interests and more about pulling together for the greater good.

Our business has been purpose-built to provide clients with the counsel of hand-picked industry-leading strategists, policy advisors and communications experts, all of whom possess outstanding experience of supporting government heads throughout the world to ensure societies thrive."

James has experience working across complex multi-stakeholder government environments to formulate and implement integrated reform programmes.

A government strategy and policy expert, he has worked across three continents helping government leaders to drive forward their agendas.

Prior to joining Consulum, James worked in the UK Civil Service in 10 Downing Street under Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and David Cameron. He was also a strategy and policy advisor and Head of Budget Policy at HM Treasury, where he led teams to deliver complex and often politically sensitive economic and fiscal reform projects.