Aniekan Effanga

Consulum Director, Aniekan Effanga
"My work at Consulum is about understanding my clients’ needs and providing strategic advice which ultimately adds value and aligns with their vision. The work is dynamic, and I am proud to be part of a forward looking and agile business”

Aniekan Effanga has worked with governments supporting the efficient and optimal delivery of programmes across the digital, commercial and financial sectors for more than 12 years.

He has extensive experience in bringing industry and government together, negotiating and collaborating with various entities to achieve impactful outcomes. He has a critical understanding of the challenges of developing, communicating and implementing government policies and is able to effectively manage large-scale, national initiatives.

Aniekan started his career in the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. He later joined the Cabinet Office, playing a key role within the government’s Strategic Supplier Relationship Management initiative. There he helped to develop the policy and implementation of the UK government’s Sourcing Playbook and he worked to develop approaches to govern the UK government’s relationship with some of its largest suppliers. He played an important role in managing the National Cyber Security Programme.

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