Strategic Communications

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We secure and enhance our partners’ standing on the world stage.

To be effective, government communications must go beyond creating awareness and delivering information. It can and should be used to build legitimacy, mobilise stakeholders and drive behaviour change – that’s why it needs to be conceptualised and implemented as an integrated part of the strategy and policy development process, not separate from it.

Consulum has developed a data-driven, integrated brand and communications strategy development process for governments that is unique in bringing together every communications discipline needed for maximum impact – and we have the people needed to deliver it.

Our specialists cover brand strategy, communications strategy, campaign design and management, creative direction, media management, digital delivery and content creation, from speeches to video and everything in-between.



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Communications strategy

Our integrated communications strategies secure and enhance our partners’ standing on the world stage. Starting with analytical insights, we develop holistic plans to ensure you achieve your goals.

Campaign design and planning

Building on our rigorous strategy process we develop targeted, integrated campaign plans to produce behaviour change in your key audience groups.

International media management

Our experience and relationships with international media enables clients to engage with the right outlets to maximise positive coverage and minimise risk.

Strategy and policy development

Leverage Consulum's deep expertise in policy and strategy development to accelerate interventions designed to improve ease of doing business.

Digital strategy and campaign design

We bring digital solutions to life through creative campaigns that engage audiences across multiple channels.

Positioning strategy

Comprehensive positioning strategies that guide all planning activity.

Diplomatic strategy development

Defining the international outcomes our clients want to achieve and developing the strategies to deliver them.

Strategy and positioning

We will work with you to identify objectives, goals and underlying values that will define your leadership style and strategy.