Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)


We believe ESG is a truly transformative socio-economic trend. Importantly, we also understand the unique challenges and opportunities governments face in terms of achieving ESG excellence.

Government entities that successfully deliver on ESG will be able to mitigate value chain risk and build global influence by attracting international partnerships, investment and engagement.

Consulum supports governments to define their ESG strategy, and to build and develop policies and communications in a way that delivers positive, differentiated and long-term value.

Opinion research

We base our strategies and campaigns on rigorous qualitative and quantitive audience research, ranging from the local to the truly global.

Policy workshops, internal and external

Bringing together sector expertise and policy leaders to formulate and test policy solutions.

Thought leadership design and execution

We will work with you to identify topics aligned to your positioning strategy, and to produce high-quality authored content.

Policy development

Fresh public policy thinking underpinned by multiple phases of robust analysis.

Mandate, vision and mission development

We work with clients to define clear mandates, missions and visions for ministries, departments and functions that are authentic, fit for purpose and understood by all.

Internal and external governance models

We design governance models and processes to support effective decision making, transparency and accountability.

Speechwriting and messaging

Specialist speech and message writing to deliver compelling content for an international audience.

Destination positioning and brand building

Consulum has helped some of the world's best known governmental organisations tell their stories on the global stage.