Diplomatic Outcomes

We help governments achieve concrete diplomatic outcomes.

Consulum works with heads of state, foreign ministries, embassies and a range of government departments to achieve specific diplomatic outcomes. That could mean helping to develop an annual strategic planning process for a foreign ministry, building a foreign policy unit for a head of state, rebuilding an embassy, developing an engagement programme for an ambassador, or helping to secure agreements from other countries or multilateral institutions like the United Nations.

Consulum’s specialists are former career diplomats with decades of experience. They know how the world works and they use their knowledge to deliver practical, specific outcomes for our partners.




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Diplomatic strategy development

Defining the international outcomes our clients want to achieve and developing the strategies to deliver them.

Diplomatic counsel

24/7 expert advice in real time to help our clients respond to international developments.

Institution building in foreign ministries

Supporting foreign ministry reform and reorganisation to transform diplomatic outcomes.

Institution building in embassies

Helping ambassadors to define outcomes and build and run embassies with the capability to achieve them.

Diplomatic engagement training

A broad range of specialist training and development programmes to ensure officials have the required diplomatic skills and knowledge.

Diplomatic analysis and trends

A proprietary diagnostic service which delivers clear and rapid assessments of embassy effectiveness.