Data and Insight Hub

Data and Insight hub

Controlling the way your brand is perceived is increasingly difficult in the digital age. To be successful, organisations require greater understanding of key audiences than ever before.

Consulum will support you to understand the way people are thinking about your brand by offering strategic insights that combine hard data and cutting-edge quantitative analysis. Our Data & Insights Hub is a market-leading proprietary tool that will enable you to enhance significantly your campaign planning, measurement, crisis intelligence and strategy formulation operations.

Opinion research

We base our strategies and campaigns on rigorous qualitative and quantitive audience research, ranging from the local to the truly global.

Online reputation management

Our experts in online reputation management will ensure your online presence is optimised and fully focussed on communicating your core narrative.

Campaign measurement

Evaluate how your campaign is performing across earned and owned channels.

Data-driven issues management

Using the latest analytics and insights tools to understand audiences and develop robust strategies.

Digital clinic

Audit performance of digital and social media channels with a data-driven approach in order to drive improvements.

Digital counsel and optimisation

The digital conversation is live 24/7 so our clients need our team to support them day-in day-out.

Social Intelligence

Social media analysis offers insight into public perception of brands and organisations - we believe it should be a core part of the decision-making process.

Deliver Insights

Efficiently deliver visually enhanced reporting and analysis allowing the data to tell a story and drive actionable findings.