Craig Wilkie

Craig Wilkie, Consulum
"Helping leaders formulate and articulate their visions and agendas is endlessly fascinating work. Being able to work with them over the longer-term to turn those visions into impactful initiatives is particularly rewarding and that's a big part of what we do at Consulum. Our work is truly strategic and requires constant intellectual curiosity."

Craig has served as a senior advisor and speechwriter for several national leaders and consulted on strategic projects for national governments across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

He has a deep understanding of the various dimensions of soft power and extensive experience of helping governments enhance their influence internationally. He is an expert at providing high-level counsel on all aspects of developing and implementing national-level agendas and narratives.

Craig served as a senior speechwriter and speech coach for several national leaders.

Prior to joining Consulum, Craig was Strategy Director at Leo Burnett and, at strategy consultancy Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (MBOSI), he led strategic advisory projects in national branding, entrepreneurship, and capacity building for the Malaysian government. He advised clients on communications, strategic initiatives, and policy formulation.

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